Crisis in South Sudan

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Millions are at risk in war-torn South Sudan.
Donate today and help us reach desperately hungry children.

Across South Sudan, a brutal war is raging. Fighting is forcing families from their homes, schools are being destroyed and 6.3 million people are facing a hunger crisis.

Right now, we are working alongside our partner organisation, the Diocese of Rumbek, to help 20,520 desperately hungry children in the Lakes state region to find hope in the classroom.

In these troubled times, the daily meal we provide is not just a powerful incentive to come to school, it is a vital lifeline for vulnerable children in urgent need of nourishment. For many, it will be the only thing they will eat today.

Mary’s Meals is one of the few organisations delivering much-needed food to schools in South Sudan – but we need your help to continue this vital work.

As growing numbers of children flee fighting in other parts of the country, enrolment at schools serving Mary’s Meals is increasing dramatically.

Donate today and help us reach more hungry children with life-saving school meals.

Donate now

Please help us to:

  • Keep our promise of a daily school meal to the 1,257,278 children around the world who depend on Mary’s Meals
  • Ensure that every new child enrolling at the 40 schools in South Sudan that already serve Mary’s Meals can enjoy a daily school meal
  • Expand our school feeding programme to reach children at five new schools in South Sudan with life-changing daily school meals

As more and more families go hungry, we are determined to continue providing these children with a nutritious daily meal at school, while expanding our global programme to reach even more.

If you are planning an event to raise funds or awareness for Crisis in South Sudan, you can find downloadable posters here:

Please note: funds raised for Crisis in South Sudan will be used to fund school feeding within the country as far as possible. Any additional funds – that cannot be used in South Sudan – will be used within our global feeding programmes.

  Donate now and help us reach children in desperate need.