Chery, 8, from Haiti

Chery struggled to get the nourishment she needed from the impoverished community where her family lived. Now in school and receiving daily meals, she has big hopes for the future.

Chery’s family moved from a rural area of the impoverished Caribbean country in search of a better life.

Instead, they face a continuing struggle.

She now lives with her mother in the town of Gonaïves. Many children there suffer from malnourishment, but for Chery life has recently started to improve.

Chery now attends the Trou Sable School where she and her classmates receive nutritious food each day from Mary’s Meals.

Chery, whose favourite meal is maize and sardines, says, “Life is good now that I can come to school.

“School is important to me, because I want to learn how to read and write and I am able to make new friends and be with them every day.

“I hope I can continue with my studies, so that one day I can be a doctor.”

Meet the children coping with the realities of extreme poverty and hoping for a better future.