Mary, 15, from Malawi

Fifteen-year-old Mary has to bring up her two younger sisters alone. However, with Mary’s Meals she doesn’t have to miss out on her education.

When Mary was eight she lost her father. Two years later her mother died of a brain tumour.

With her parents gone, Mary is now the head of the household and must bring up her two younger sisters alone.

Ordinarily, her only option would be to spend most of her days trying to earn enough to feed them all. The availability of Mary’s Meals means she doesn’t have to work and miss out on her education.

“It’s good that I go to school so that I’ll be able to help my younger sisters in the future,” Mary explains.

“The porridge which Mary’s Meals provides really helps me. I often wake up on an empty stomach, but if I go to school and get the porridge I no longer feel hungry.

“I hope one day to be a nurse. I see so many people suffering and I want to be able to help them.”

Meet the children coping with the realities of extreme poverty and hoping for a better future.