Aberdeen University’s Mary’s Meals Society hosted a fundraising ceilidh

Students at Aberdeen University used their Burns Night celebrations to fundraise and increase awareness about Mary’s Meals.

Aberdeen University’s Mary’s Meals Society teamed up with their friends in the History Society to host a special ceilidh to mark the bard’s birthday.

Around 60 people attended the dance at Exodus nightclub in the city and a total of £225.25 was gifted to Mary’s Meals from ticket sales.  

AU Mary’s Meals Society president Jennifer Finlay said: “It was a really great night and everyone enjoyed it.

“The History Society were amazing as they donated their share of ticket sales to Mary’s Meals.

“It was really nice as people were coming up to us to talk about Mary’s Meals and getting involved throughout the night, it was one of our most popular events.

“With it being the second week back at uni and Burns Night we thought it would be an ideal time to have a ceilidh, which is something a bit different to our other events.

“It’s quite an interactive thing and everyone really embraced the dancing. So many people got involved and had a lot of fun for a great cause.” 

There are many different ways you can help by donating your time, money, thoughts and prayers.