Whether made of bricks or branches, these classrooms house children eager to learn and full of energy from Mary’s Meals.

In Benin, where only half of all girls receive an education, a daily meal in school encourages children into the classroom.


Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world, but Mary’s Meals believes education can help lift future generations out of poverty.


We work in many non-formal education centres in India, like this outdoor garden area where pupils attend lessons.


Mary’s Meals attracts children to the classroom in Kenya, where daily survival can take precedence over education.


Following a brutal civil war, Mary’s Meals helps 126,002 children in Liberia attend school with the promise of a daily meal.


Top of the class! We provide meals at more than 29% of primary schools in Malawi, reaching 928,551 children every day. 


Despite limited access to education in Myanmar, our work with vulnerable children and orphans ensures they can attend school. 


Our work in South Sudan brings security to children in the Lakes state amid the current food crisis.


Our work in Thailand supports children of migrant workers from Myanmar, many of whom would otherwise be sent to work.


These are just some of the 9,047 pupils in Uganda who receive Mary’s Meals every school day.


Mary’s Meals helps to encourage children from the slums of Quito, Ecuador to attend school, particularly vulnerable girls. 


For these children in Zambia, Mary’s Meals has replaced a hungry belly with a hunger for education.