Double The Love: every donation doubled

Mary’s Meals announces first supporter-led match-funding opportunity!

Back to all stories | Posted on 01 Nov 2017

We have great news to share! From Wednesday, 1 November until Sunday, 31 December 2017, you will have the opportunity to have your donations to Mary’s Meals doubled, thanks to the supporter-led match-funding campaign, Double The Love. 

Every donation received in response to the campaign will be matched, penny for penny, up to £1.9 million, thanks to a group of three major funders pledging to match all donations. This includes an award from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Double The Love will double the impact of your gifts, whether you’re donating as an individual, raising money through a business, or planning a fundraising event. Even regular gifts (donated by direct debit or standing order) set up or increased before 31 December will be doubled for the first two months.

Daniel Adams, Executive Director of Mary’s Meals, said: “As a result of the good deeds of our many, many supporters, thousands of children – who would otherwise be working or begging for their next meal – are instead sitting in classrooms with full stomachs, learning how to read and write. 

“Our supporters are at the very heart of this campaign, driven by the shared belief that every child in this world of plenty should receive a meal in school each day.

“With 61 million children still out of school and thousands more in need of daily meals, this work is just beginning. We very much rely on grassroots donations from individuals and groups, so to have all gifts from across the UK doubled for the next two months is just amazing!”

Our low cost commitment ensures that at least 93p of every £1 donated is spent directly on our charitable activities and just £13.90 will provide a hungry child with nutritious daily meals for a whole school year. With match-funding, the same donation will feed TWO children for a whole school year.

Visit our Double The Love campaign page to find out more about how donations, Sponsor A School fundraising, and regular giving can be matched.