Hip hip hooray for the birthday heroes!

What wonderful birthday wishes!

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Caring schoolboy has charity giving wrapped up

Seven-year-old Oscar Pirie dedicated his birthday to children receiving Mary’s Meals this year by turning his party into a fundraiser.

The thoughtful youngster asked friends to donate to Mary’s Meals instead of buying him a present.

As a result of his efforts, Oscar was able to raise more than £200 to pay for life-changing school meals, and the donation will be doubled thanks to three amazing supporters matching donations to Double The Love, up to a total of £1.9 million. 

Oscar said: “I watched some films of the charity and it made me realise just how lucky I am. I was amazed to find out that it only cost Mary’s Meals £13.90 to feed a child for a year which I didn’t think was a huge amount to ask my friends to donate, instead of giving me a present.”

Birthday double act

A husband and wife celebrated their joint 40th birthday by sending an amazing gift to children receiving Mary’s Meals.

Caroline and Ben Steele – who were born within four hours of each other – organised a double party for friends and family to mark their milestone birthdays and invited guests to give a donation to Mary’s Meals instead of bringing gifts.

Caroline said: “We’ve been amazed by everyone’s kindness. I went to visit a friend and found that both of her children had taken £13.90 from their piggy banks to add to the birthday pot. It’s incredible how readily people of all ages take the simple message of Mary’s Meals to heart.”

The couple travelled to Malawi together around 10 years ago and it had a lasting impact on them both.

Caroline, who works as a GP, added: “It really brings it home when you see people with nothing and you’re faced with the reality of children without food. Nutrition is such a huge part of good health and when you see how far money goes with Mary’s Meals, you realise how much difference each gift is making.”

The Steeles’ generous gesture has raised more than £1,400, so with match funding, this birthday bash will feed 215 children for a whole school year. That’s what you call Double The Love! 

Special tribute to Mum

On the 100th anniversary of her mother's birth, one lovely supporter got in touch to make a special donation to mark the day. What a beautiful way to honour the memory of such a special loved one. Thank you for thinking of the children who receive Mary's Meals - and the many, many mothers who volunteer around the world to make our work possible.