“It felt great to graduate”

Mary’s Meals gave Veronica the chance to fulfil her dreams.

My name is Veronica, but my friends call me Vero. I think of you as my friend because you are part of my story.

I would like to thank and ask you to keep helping Mary’s Meals so other children around the world have the chance of a better life and can fulfil their dreams like I did. 

I was one of the first children to receive Mary’s Meals at school and now I am delighted to have just graduated with a BEd in Business Studies!

My parents died when I was young. Growing up without my mum and dad was very hard. I would go to sleep without supper and in the morning go to school on an empty stomach.

Eating Mary’s Meals at school helped me concentrate and listen to my teachers. I worked very hard and was so happy to be one of the few people chosen to go to public university in Malawi. 

You can watch the story of my graduation day and learn more about what Mary's Meals means to me below.

Eating Mary’s Meals at school helped me get to where I am today, and with your support, it can continue helping many other children as well.

Thank you,