Making a difference with UK Aid

An update on the final year of our ‘Feed Our Future’ project in Malawi and Zambia.

Back to all stories | Posted on 12 April 19 in News Blog

A three-year project in Malawi and Zambia is transforming the lives of thousands of children thanks to support from a UK Government match funding campaign.  

Incredible support for our 2015 Feed Our Future campaign, which saw donations doubled by the UK government, has allowed Mary’s Meals to reach an extra 72,000 children in Malawi and Zambia with life-changing meals in school. 

The generosity of our UK supporters, who responded overwhelmingly to the match funding campaign, has enabled us to reach children affected by food shortages from a devastatingly poor harvest, providing them with a nutritious meal each school day.  

The project, which comes to an end in June, is also bringing additional training to volunteer cooks in hundreds of schools across both countries. 

The mug of porridge the children receive from Mary’s Meals volunteers every day they attend school provides vital nourishment, especially at a time when many families have run out of food at home. 

Children like Miriam from Malawi are benefiting from the generous support for Feed Our Future. 

Miriam Ronald, 12, has high flying ambitions saying: “I want to be a pilot when I finish school, so I can see other countries.” 

Miriam is raised by her grandparents and is the youngest of three. Her family rely on growing maize and groundnuts but when this crop dwindles she relies on Mary’s Meals at school.   

She said: “Porridge takes away my hunger. I don’t eat in the morning, so I come to school hungry. 

“When I am full, I can listen attentively in class. 

“My brother and sister dropped out of school in standard three, but I won’t drop out. I want to be educated so I can get a job in the future.”