By providing daily meals, Mary’s Meals is encouraging children to come to school where they can learn and make lifelong friendships. 

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We asked children who receive Mary's Meals: "Who is your best friend and why?" Here’s what they told us: 

"My best friend is Promise. We teach each other good things, and we play football together."  

Ganizani, 18, Malawi (Pictured right).

“Monia is my best friend. When I don’t have something, she shares with me, and we play together too.”

Fifie, 14, Haiti (pictured left)

"My best friends are Titus and Patrick. They are both in 6th Grade like me, but they are 13 years old. We like to play touch. We share fun together. We joke. We play football here at school.”  

Johnathan, 12, Liberia (centre)  

"My best friend is Georgina because we play together, and she doesn’t like gossiping. I can trust her.” 

Sunguni, 12 years old, Malawi (right)  

My best friend is Albert. We share our things when the other doesn’t have something."

Pierre, eight, Haiti (pictured left)

"My best friend is Fayah. We often study together. He doesn’t live near me, but when we are in class before school or waiting for lessons, we can study together."  

Konah, 14, Liberia (pictured right)  

It’s wonderful to see that daily school meals are helping children around the world to form such special bonds. With your support, we’re working to give some of the world's poorest and most vulnerable children the opportunity to learn, have fun, and make great friends.