Our amazing volunteers are the backbone of Mary’s Meals

This Volunteers Week we want to thank our wonderful army of supporters who give up their time, skills and expertise for Mary's Meals.

Clare Hunter, London Community Ambassador

The unstoppable Clare Hunter is one of our wonderful Community Ambassadors who supports clothing collections in churches across London. Clare first heard about Mary’s Meals when chatting to a family friend who regularly volunteered for us. After graduating from University, she decided to get involved.

In addition to volunteering with our Rags to Riches project on Sundays, Clare and a team of friends have gone to great lengths to fundraise for Mary’s Meals; hosting a charity ball and running 84 miles along Hadrian’s Wall. Their dedication has led them to sponsoring two schools in Malawi, feeding 1,567 hungry children with Mary's Meals every day for an entire year.

Open quote mark The best part is seeing the joy that can come out of such unexpected circumstances. When you volunteer for Mary’s Meals, people will surprise you phenomenally every day with their little acts of love.  Close quote mark
Clare Hunter

Jodie Taylor, Glasgow Office Volunteer

Jodie, 25, who was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, started volunteering for Mary’s Meals after finding out about the charity from her cousin. She comes into our Glasgow office one day every week and provides valuable administration support to our volunteer manager and fundraising team.

Open quote mark It’s about giving something back. I sometimes take things for granted and don’t take the time to appreciate there are people in the world that don’t have what we have. I think what Mary’s Meals does is outstanding and volunteering gives me a purpose. Mary’s Meals is such a welcoming place where I feel accepted for who I am. Close quote mark
Jodie Taylor

Cross Jokosenumi, Glasgow Warehouse Volunteer

Isiaka or Cross, as he is known by everyone at Mary’s Meals, came to the UK from Nigeria 22 years ago. He has been volunteering for Mary’s Meals for several years, ever since watching our film Child 31. Cross dedicates nearly all his time to Mary’s Meals, driving all over the UK to collect backpacks and Rags to Riches clothing donations from schools and churches. On his days off he’s a keen footballer, playing 5-a-side and supporting his favourite team.

Open quote mark Everyone at Mary’s Meals is incredible and so friendly. We have a real bond. The work the charity does is just unbelievable. It blows me away. Close quote mark
Isiaka aka Cross

Pauline McCormick, Founder of Armagh and Benburb Mary's Meals Group

Pauline founded the Mary’s Meals Group in Armagh, Northern Ireland. With the help of her niece, she first got involved with Mary's Meals through our Backpack Project. They started off by filling over 2,000 backpacks with basic educational items, before realising that they needed more space. They were lucky enough to be gifted the use of premises by the local council. Now volunteers come in to help fill the backpacks from all over Ireland. To date 20,000 backpacks have been sent out from Ireland which have passed through Armagh!

Open quote mark It really is amazing, that anything we’re short of, someone seems to open the door and come in with it. Volunteering with Mary’s Meals is better than tonic because it gives us all a great lift. We go out of here feeling on top of the world knowing that we’ve done something to help children who are not as comfortable as we are. Close quote mark
Pauline McCormick

Roisin McVeigh, Northern Ireland Community Ambassador

Roisin, a retired teacher, was inspired to volunteer for Mary’s Meals after reading The Shed That Fed A Million Children. She visited the centre in Armagh to make a donation and was amazed to find that she had walked into a big family. She discovered there was a need for someone to spread the word in churches and schools and started giving talks around Ireland, resulting in increased donations and items for the backpacks. 

Open quote mark I love doing talks because people are very touched by the story of Mary's Meals and are very eager to help. I particularly enjoy telling children about the charity. I had to retire early from my teaching career due to having early onset Parkinson's disease. Volunteering for Mary's Meals has given me a completely new focus and energy. Close quote mark
Roisin McVeigh

Thank you to Cross, Clare, Jodie, Pauline and Roisin, as well as all our other amazing volunteers across the UK. 

We couldn’t do the work we do without you. 

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