Massa and Miatta talk about food, friendship and family life.

Sisters Massa, 18, and Miatta, 15, love lessons at Ngandonhun English and Arabic School in Liberia, where they and their siblings enjoy a tasty serving of Mary’s Meals every school day. The nutritious food helps them to concentrate in class and gives them plenty of energy for the day ahead.

Here, the pair tell their story in their own words.

Massa (left) and Miatta.

Miatta: “Our father is a farmer. He grows cassava, eggplant, okra, plantains, peas and potato greens. I help – my job is to cut the grass.

“I’ve got four sisters and four brothers. They all go to this school. When we are coming to school, I like to sing on the road. It takes about 30 minutes to walk.

“I walk with my family and sometimes the teacher who lives nearby, Mr Kamara. Sometimes my sisters and I like to run. Sometimes we just walk. Sometimes we are playing along the way.” 

Massa: “Usually we leave home at about 6am. We go in a group – sometimes we are running on the road and teasing each other or messing about.

“There were plenty of us this morning. Sometimes there are just a few, but always me and my sister. My sister Miatta is my best friend. She is very funny. My ma is my role model. She does everything for me.”

Miatta: “Mary’s Meals makes me come to school. I love the food. I can eat it plenty. I like the rice best. At home, I love rice with potato greens. I know how to fix it.”

Massa: “I like to eat the rice best. At home, I love potato greens or cassava leaf.”

Miatta: “They teach science well here [Ngandonhun School], and I love it. I would like to be a teacher and teach Mathematics when I finish school. I would work in Tieni [a lively town nearby].

“My best friend is Adaim. We are in the same class. We like to play lapa (dodgeball) together.”

Massa: “My favourite subjects are English, social studies and science. Really, I like all the subjects. I love to study.

“I want to learn how to use a sewing machine when I leave school and make clothes for men and women. I want to be able to make shirts and everything.”

Thank you for giving these characterful siblings the best chance of a brighter future.