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Thousands of communities. One global family.

At Mary’s Meals, community is at the heart of everything we do. 

Our school feeding programme is owned and run by the communities who benefit from it. 

Our work is only made possible by thousands of volunteers and supporters, across the world, who give their time and energy to ensure that hungry children are fed each day. 

Many of the communities in which we work are facing hardship and adversity. But by working together and with our support, these communities are responding with innovation, creativity and determination to build a better future for their children. 

What challenges do our communities face?

Conflict, climate change and rising food costs are just three seismic challenges families living in our programme countries face every day. Many of them earn below the international poverty line of just $2.15 per day and often they will go a whole day without anything to eat. 

Yet, through food and education, Mary’s Meals works with these communities to provide a ladder out of poverty and hope for a brighter future. 

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Who drives the communities forward? 

Teachers, cooks, parents, volunteers and often entire villages unite under one goal: to give the next generation a greater opportunity at life and a chance to dream. 

Mary’s Meals provides training, monitoring, support and the necessary ingredients to ensure children are fed a nutritious meal every school day, but ultimately, the school feeding programme is owned and run by people of the local community. 

Their small acts combine to bring about big changes that can go on to change the future paths of their children and their neighbours. 

An image of volunteer cooks preparing school meals

What is YOUR role in our community? 

Without YOU, none of this would be possible. 

Your role in our global family is vital: by supporting our important work and raising awareness and funds for our mission, you are helping to transform the lives of hungry children around the world. You provide the fuel to fire these communities into action.  

For over 20 years, we’ve proven that community isn’t just confined to a school, a village or a town. Community spirit can cross borders. 

Join the Mary’s Meals community today. 

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