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There are so many ways to raise funds to feed hungry children!

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There are many ways you can donate to charity 

If you’re looking for easy fundraising ideas, there are lots of tried and tested activities you could do to raise funds for Mary’s Meals. 

If you’re a foodie, why not organise a charity bake sale in your school or community to ‘Raise Some Dough’ for Mary’s Meals. 

Maybe you’d like to take on active challenge – whether you’re taking part in an organised race or setting a personal challenge – you can walk, run, swim or cycle and ask friends and family for sponsorship.  

Or why not organise a charity film screening and quiz with one of our inspiring films so that others can learn more about our work.  

No matter your fundraising ideas for charity, use our fundraising pack which is full of resources to help you promote your event.  

How to fundraise for charity 

If you’re fundraising online, once you have chosen your charity fundraiser, simply create a Facebook Fundraiser or JustGiving page. The money donated by your sponsors will automatically be sent to us when your fundraiser ends – you don't have to do a thing! 

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