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What we do

Child holding a mug

What we do

Mary's Meals is a global charity that serves life-changing meals to some of the world’s poorest children.

Tackling world hunger through a simple idea 

More than 64 million primary school-age children are out of school around the world; they have to work or beg to survive. And when they do make it into the classroom, hunger affects their ability to learn.

At Mary’s Meals, our vision is that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education and that all those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things.

Our nutritious meals encourage children into the classroom – giving them the energy to concentrate – so they can gain an education and a brighter future. We believe that children who receive Mary’s Meals today can, in the future, become the men and women who will help lift their communities out of poverty.

We encourage those who share our vision to offer their time, money, skills, or prayers to reach out in love to those experiencing the effects of extreme poverty. Our commitment to a low-cost approach ensures that at least 93% of all donations can be spent on our charitable activities.

Nearly every part of our work depends on dedicated volunteers: both those who help to serve school meals in their own communities and those who raise awareness of our mission in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to grow the movement and feed more children. Together, we are helping to transform the lives of children in desperate need. 

Food changes the story

Together we can make a difference