Join us to celebrate World Porridge Day

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We’ve teamed up with Stoats again this year for our Porridge Smiles campaign and we’re inviting everyone to make a hungry child smile with porridge! 

Why porridge?

In Malawi, Liberia and Zambia, the children receive vitamin-enriched maize porridge every school day. World Porridge Day celebrates the huge difference this daily mug of porridge makes to the lives of chronically hungry children.

Share your #PorridgeSmiles

We want to see your Porridge Smiles, especially from World Porridge Day. Share your pictures on social media using #PorridgeSmiles or email us for a chance to see your Porridge Smiles in our 2018 hall of fame.

Step 1 

Create a smiley face or character in your porridge.

Step 2 

Text ‘OATS18 £2’ to 70070 to give £2 to Mary’s Meals and provide a hungry child with meals in school for a month.


Step 3

Snap a picture of your Porridge Smile, share it on social media using #PorridgeSmiles and encourage others to do the same!

Host a Porridge Smiles party this October

You can have a Porridge Smiles party at home, school or work. World Porridge Day is Wednesday, 10 October this year, but you can have your party any time in October.

Invite friends, family and colleagues and serve up bowls of yummy porridge in return for a donation to Mary’s Meals. Everyone will have fun creating a smiley face in their bowl using tasty toppings and a gift of £2 will provide a child with meals in school for a month through Mary’s Meals.

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How Porridge Smiles bring real joy and hope

Taonga, 11, is one of 75,655 children in Zambia enjoying Mary’s Meals every school day.

She is small for her age and faces many challenges, including a disability which affects one side of her body. But she is focused on making the most of her education and finding happiness in her surroundings.

She says: "Phala builds my strength so that I am able to write. It makes me full, and my hunger finishes."

#PorridgeSmiles Hall of Fame

  • St Mary's Leith @st_marys_leith
  • Joanne @J-CG
  • Tuco @tucoltd
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  • @FoodieExplore
  • @JossStone
  • Mary's Meals - Oban
  • From children receiving Mary's Meals in Kenya.
  • From children receiving Mary's Meals in Kenya.
  • Katherine Granger