A collage of children who have raised funds for Mary's Meals. L-R: Mikey, Grace, Michael and Lucy

Kind-hearted youngsters making a difference

Four young UK fundraisers are helping Mary’s Meals feed hungry children

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Every year, so many amazing young people give up their time to support our work. Check out the stories of four kind-hearted youngsters who are helping Mary’s Meals feed and educate children in 18 of the world’s poorest countries!


Mikey, a young Mary's Meals supporter, shows off a sign signalling that he has walked 3k out of 10k on a fundraising walk for Mary's Meals

In 2022, seven-year-old Mikey, from Barrhead in Scotland, raised £800 for Mary's Meals by doing a 10k walk around his local area after hearing about our work in church. We shared Mikey's story on social media and on our website, and this inspired him to repeat his challenge in 2023!

On 21 October, Mikey took on an 11k walk for Mary's Meals which took him 2 hours and 45 minutes. Supported by the parishioners at St John's Church in Barrhead, he smashed the previous year's fundraising amount and raised a grand total of £1,000.26!


Grace, centre, stands with the fundraising Christmas packs she made for Mary's Meals. Two women stand either side of her.

Nine-year-old Grace, from Northern Ireland, started fundraising for Mary's Meals in 2021 and since then has raised more than £3,000!

She first started her fundraising by making Christmas Eve packs full of treats and activities for little kids to keep them busy while waiting on Santa. These were so successful that Grace then created and sold Valentine’s Day cards and Easter packs and she has done so for the last three years!

Her mum, Catherine, says: “Grace loves making a difference! She’s a real inspiration. As her mummy, I am so very proud of her kindness and empathy for others in this world less fortunate than us.”


Michael, a young Mary's Meals supporter, stands in a Mary's Meals hoodie, holding a Mary's Meals mug

After hearing about our work last summer, Michael, from Nuneaton, has been on a fundraising mission and generated more than £600 for Mary’s Meals. Not only has he put on bake and craft sales, the enterprising youngster has also created and sold graffiti style artwork. He has even written poems about the work of Mary’s Meals!

Michael was also a special guest at our Christmas concert in Birmingham in December, where he received a rapturous reaction. He says: “I have really enjoyed raising money for charity and helping others.”


Lucy, a young fundraiser, stands holding a Mary's Meals mug and fundraising certificate

After attending the Mary’s Meals’ 20th anniversary event in Glasgow in 2022, Lucy was inspired to raise money for us.

Lucy’s mum, Suzanne, works for pharmaceutical company Ethigen, who run a charity giving day every year and Lucy decided that they should support Mary’s Meals. She created a PowerPoint and presented it to the bosses at Ethigen, who decided to get on board. Thanks to Lucy, Ethigen raised an incredible £29,000 for Mary’s Meals, which is enough to feed more than 1,500 children for a whole school year!

Feeling inspired by our amazing young fundraisers? Visit our fundraising page and start raising money for Mary’s Meals today!

Child in class in Kenya

It costs just £19.15 to feed a child for an entire school year!