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Four myths about writing a will 

Our free will writing service makes it simple to leave a gift in your will to Mary's Meals.

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Did you know that Mary’s Meals provides a free will writing service? 

Making a will is a task that many of us will put off, but it can be really straightforward. We’ve rounded up some of the top myths about writing a will to show how this personal and important decision can bring hope to future generations with Mary’s Meals.

Myth one: Writing a will is expensive

We have partnered with Farewill, one of the largest will writers in the UK, to offer our supporters a service that is completely free of charge. You can use this free service whether or not you include Mary's Meals in your will, but please know that a gift of any size will make a huge difference to the hungry children who rely on our school meals.

Myth two: I’m not old enough to make a will

Anyone can write a will, as long as they are over the age of 18. Having a will means that, whatever happens, you are in charge of making sure your estate is left to those who mean the most to you.

Myth three: It takes a long time to write a will

It can take as little as 15 minutes to write a will with Farewill's service.

Myth four: It's not worth making a will 

Many people don’t know that a will doesn’t just cover money. It can also include insurance policies, pensions and other possessions and ensures that these are left according to your wishes.

As a charity committed to keeping our running costs as low as possible, even the smallest of gifts left to Mary’s Meals makes a big difference.

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Leaving a gift in your will to Mary’s Meals is a very personal and important decision and every gift entrusted to us is precious. If you would like to speak to someone about the difference a legacy gift can make, please email info@marysmeals.orgor call 0800 698 1212 and a dedicated member of our team will be in touch to answer any questions. Or you can request a free information pack using the form below.

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