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Fundraising ideas – a few fun & innovative ways to raise money for our charity

There are no limits to how to raise funds for our work. We love to hear about the adventurous, unusual and amazing things you do to support our mission. Whatever you decide to do, remember to visit our fundraising resources page for materials to help you with your activity. 

Get in touch to share your stories or ask for advice – you can contact us online or call us on 0800 6981212. 

If you’re still deciding on how you’d like to fundraise, here’s some inspiration to get you started: 

1. Bake sales always draw a crowd. Selling homemade cakes and treats is a sure fire way to make people smile and a great way to raise funds for our work. 

2. From marathons to hikes, there's a whole host of active fundraising events expected to take place across the UK in 2022. So why not lace up your shoes and take on a challenge while raising funds for Mary's Meals? If you have your own Move For Meals challenge in mind, simply start your fundraising project. Just visit our fundraising resources page for materials to help you spread the word. 

3. Fill a mug! You can collect donations at home, in your school, or at your place of work and every £15.90 raised will buy a school meal for a hungry child. You can transform any mug into a money box using our Fill Mugs pack. 

4.  Make us (Amazon) Smile. Visit Amazon Smile and choose Mary’s Meals as your charity. Every time you make a purchase Amazon will donate 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees) as part of its Smile charity campaign, which supports charities across the UK.  

5. Gaming for good. Why not have an online duel with friends where people pay to play? You can start up a fundraising page to collect donations – an easy way to do something great while you’re having fun. 

6. Have a clear out and host a jumble sale or donate your unwanted items to one of our shops in Scotland if you live nearby. Or invite friends to a swap party where everyone brings some of their valued but no longer used clothing to exchange. You could ask for a small door fee and sell snacks and drinks to boost your fundraising! 

7.  Send a gift to a loved one. Giving one of our beautiful gift cards or digital gifts to a friend or a family member lets them know how much you care and helps to feed hungry children. 

8. Host a film fundraiser. We have beautiful films that showcase Mary’s Meals’ work around the world and are brilliant for bringing together both groups of friends or for bigger groups like Rotary or churches. And you can host one of our incredible volunteer speakers to attend your event and inspire even more! 

9. Use your skills – is there something you’re good at that people often ask you to do? Are you a championship knitter? Brilliant baker? Amazing quizmaster? Or guitar hero? You could ask for donations in exchange for sharing your skills either online or in person! 

10. Find your passion. Whether you love to sing, dance, crochet, paint, build furniture or swim in the sea all year round, there is always a way you can turn your passion into a fundraising idea. If you want to catch people’s attention, the quirkier the better. We’d love to hear what ideas you come up with! 

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