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Deborah Meaden wearing a Mary's Meals t-shirt holding a sign which reads 'Sponsor A School with Mary's Meals'

Deborah Meaden says “I’m in” to Sponsor A School project

Mary's Meals launches Sponsor A School initiative with entrepreneur and TV star

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Entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den investor, Deborah Meaden, is backing Mary’s Meals’ Sponsor A School project. 

Deborah Meaden wearing a Mary's Meals t-shirt holding a sign which reads 'Sponsor A School with Mary's Meals'

The Sponsor A School initiative invites people or groups to fundraise to provide school meals to an entire school. Supporters can simply choose the size of school they wish to sponsor, and they will be allocated a school in either Malawi or Zambia. Supporters can choose to make their donation upfront, or in stages, or begin to fundraise within their community. 

Deborah says: “Helping the next generation in an increasingly difficult world is something I am deeply passionate about, and Mary’s Meals is doing incredible work in attracting vulnerable children into education with a daily school meal.  

“By sponsoring a school with Mary’s Meals, you can ensure that every child in an entire school receives a daily meal, which will give them energy to learn and thrive in education and beyond. Sponsor A School is a rare opportunity to truly change the lives of hundreds of children.” 

Dorophy, a school girl in Malawi, standing outside with a mug

Sponsoring a school will help children like Dorophy from Malawi reach their full potential. The introduction of Mary’s Meals at her school has improved her daily life and given her the power to dream of a brighter future. 

Dorophy says: “I am very happy to be here at this school. I like it here because of Mary’s Meals. I have developed a hardworking spirit. My life is changing for the better." 

Matt Barlow, Executive Director of Mary’s Meals, says: “I am delighted that Deborah is backing Sponsor A School. It is an incredibly important initiative that helps Mary’s Meals reach so many hungry children awaiting our support. This has a huge impact, not only for the children, but for their families and wider communities.

Supporters who sponsor a school have a real sense of connection to their chosen school and to the children who eat our nutritious school meals. There are so many ways to get involved with Sponsor A School, whether as a group or an individual.” 

Deborah Meaden sitting smiling with her arms leaning on a table, next to a Mary's Meals mug

Sponsor A School with Mary's Meals

Fundraise to provide school meals to an entire school