What we do

Mary’s Meals serves nutritious school meals to children living in some of the world’s poorest countries. The promise of a good meal attracts these hungry children into the classroom, giving them the energy to learn and hope for a better future.

We are already feeding more than 2.4 million children every school day – and together, we can reach the next hungry child waiting for Mary’s Meals.

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We're now feeding 2,429,182 children every school day.

But more than 67 million primary school-age children are out of school around the world. In order to survive, they have to work or beg. Even if they do make it into the classroom, hunger affects their ability to learn.

Where we work

We serve our life-changing meals to children living in some of the world's poorest countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Mary's Meals is a series of lots of little acts of love. If you put all those acts of sacrifice together, it creates a beautiful thing.
Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, Founder of Mary's Meals

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