Children in India supported by Marys Meals


Mary’s Meals feeds 71,576 children every school day in India!

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Where we work

India is the second largest country by population and is home to some of the poorest and most marginalised people in the world. Nearly a quarter of India’s population lives below the International Poverty Line ($2.15).  

The Indian Caste system creates a hierarchy of status, adding inequality and social exclusion to an already complex register of issues – not least food insecurity.  

Gender inequality is a persistent challenge in India, with girls typically only benefitting from 5.4 years of schooling, versus 8.7 years for boys. More than 6 million children in India are out of school, and more than a third of children have stunted growth.  

Food being served in India

Mary's Meals in India

Mary’s Meals has been serving school meals in India since 2004. 

We feed children in areas across northern India and some urban slum communities in large cities across the country. The majority of the children enrolled in our programme live in Bihar and Jharkhand.  

We are currently reaching 71,576 children in 165 places of education in India. Our programme is delivered through a close partnership with BREAD Noida. 

Child in India eating Marys Meals
When did we start working in India?

We have been serving meals in India since 2004.

How many children do we feed in India?

71,576 children in 165 places of education.

What meal do we provide?

Vegetable curry or lentil dhal with rice.

Where are we based/where do we operate?

We operate in seven states across India, predominantly feeding children in Northern India and some urban slum communities in large cities across the country.