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Children in Ecuador


Mary’s Meals feeds 382 children every school day in Ecuador!

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Where we work

Ecuador is located northwest on the South American continent. It takes its name from the equator – the invisible line wrapped around the Earth which cuts the country in two. Ecuador is about the size of Colorado and is bordered by Colombia and Peru.  

The area is vulnerable to natural disasters, and this is an ongoing threat to sustainable food production.  

While many areas are quite prosperous, there is stark inequality in Ecuador, particularly in major cities where families living in slums struggle to access food and education. Around 40% of the rural population is living below the International Poverty Line ($2.15). 

It is estimated around 26,147 children in Ecuador are out of school. Although basic education is free in Ecuador, the cost of providing books and other materials remains a barrier for people in impoverished communities. 

Children enjoying thier school meals

Mary's Meals in Ecuador

Mary’s Meals has been serving school meals in Ecuador since 2010. 

We feed children living in the slums of Ecuador’s capital, Quito, in partnership with the Cristo Misionero Orante Foundation. 

We are currently reaching 382 children in one school.

Latest News

When did we start working in Ecuador?

Mary’s Meals has been providing meals in Ecuador since 2010.

How many children do we feed in Ecuador?

382 children in one school.

What meal do we provide?

Meat or fish with potatoes or rice, and sometimes vegetables from the school garden.

Where are we based/where do we operate?

Based in the slums of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, our programme is delivered through our local partner, the Cristo Misionero Orante Foundation.